How To Find An Electric Overhead Crane For Sale

If you’re in the market for an electric overhead crane (электрический мостовой кран), there are many great ways to find them at a steep discount. You’ll want to know the right kind of crane for your specific needs before you begin. Once you’ve determined that information, you’ll be ready to start your search for the perfect electric overhead crane at the perfect price.

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There are many websites that will deal with cranes, you can start your search here to get a good grasp of what the going price is for the particular model that you’re seeking. Make sure that you look over several sites and get a good overall idea of the average going rate before you begin any negotiations. However, before you begin to negotiate, do a bit more research. Look here, there are various gantry cranes overhaed cranes (продажа козловых и мостовых кранов). While there are many great deals to be had online, there are also other places that you can be looking to see overhead cranes. Once you’re armed with the average going price, you’ll be prepared to look at your other options.

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Buy electric overhead crane

Construction Sites

Some construction sites and companies will rent out their cranes for a nominal fee. You can check this out and see if they are able to do this and if so, for how much. Since you’re already armed with the cost of purchasing one, you’ll be more likely to know what a good rental price is for the particular type that may be available. Don’t hesitate to ask if they price match or if they have any better deals available for you to consider. You want the best deal that your money can buy and sometimes, this may mean renting one vs buying one. Here you can find a wide range of overhead cranes!

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Selling electric overhead crane price from China

Crane Companies

There are also many crane companies out there. After you’ve armed yourself with the proper pricing information you can call around and find out what they offer. Be very specific in what you’re looking for. Not all cranes are capable of all things that you may need to have done. You want the person on the other end of the phone or the sales representative that you’re speaking to fully understand what you’re going to be using the crane for and the tasks that you are hoping to accomplish with the crane. At this point in time, there’s no such thing as too much information.

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Sold electric overhead crane price for sale

If at all possible, start your search for your electric overhead crane (кран мостовой электрический) well before you are in need of it. When you’re in a hurry is when you’ll find that you are paying more money. By searching early, you’ll have time to locate the right crane at the right price. Don’t let them take advantage of you by being in a huge hurry. Focus on the most important features you will require with the electric overhead crane. If you can do without some of the features of the more costly versions that will save you some money. You could also advertise in the local business pages that you’re in search of an electric overhead crane. The more people know what you’re looking for the more likely you will be to find it.

How To Distinguish Between Single-Girder And Double-Girder Overhead Cranes?

Overhead cranes are one of the most important forms of equipment that large industrial companies can have because of how much weight they can lift. If you are using either a single girder or double girder overhead crane, these can accelerate your production levels.

Choose a great electric single girder overhead crane
Buy electric single girder overhead crane

You will be able to generate more production, and also meet the demands of those that are working with you, on a much faster basis. If you need to buy one, here is how you can distinguish between a single girder and a double girder overhead crane (как различать однобалочный и двухбалочный кран мостовой).

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How To Tell The Difference

You can tell the difference between the two of them by doing one simple thing. Look at how many girders they have. Single girder house one girder. A double girder has an extra girder. That is the only difference. Additionally, you are going to quickly determine which one is which based upon how much one can lift. Single girder cranes lift half as much as a double girder crane, and that is another way that you can tell. Click here to learn more about the different overhead cranes (

Buy electric single girder overhead crane
Choose a great electric single girder overhead crane

How To Get Good Deals On These

Contacting any business in China that is producing them is the easiest way to find them for sale. You should be able to save a substantial amount if you have to purchase a new crane (новые краны купить). It is highly recommended that you get a double girder crane because you can still use it for lighter loads. It just gives you that extra advantage over a single girder crane because you will be able to live so much more.

Choose electric double girder overhead crane
Buying an electric overhead crane in China

Find out more about where to buy these, and how to get good deals, on either a single girder or double girder crane. By contacting several companies, you can get quotes, and find out which one can so you the least expensive models.

Different model of bridge crane on the market

If you looking for bridge crane you are looking to find the best Faldo with the features and benefits that will help your company the most. You may also have interest when it comes to the price and a lot of other factors as well. If you’re looking for good prices that are competitive with the market, if you’re looking for high-quality bridge crane, if you’re looking for company very good reputation, we are the people for you.

The Crane Of Overhead Birriel
The Overhead Crane Birriel

The first thing we have to talk about is that there is a model for just about every project. Knowing what your budget is one of the most important things. Knowing what your budget is will tell you how much money you have to buy and the quality and feature elements you will be able to get. Price is a very important factor but it never is the only important factor comes to choosing these kinds of things. There are other things that come into play as well. In this article will talk about all those things and many more. One thing that we know is that we will definitely be able to help you in everything that you’re looking for.

The Crane Of Overhead
The Overhead Crane

Do you really know what you’re looking for? This is a question that we often ask customers it is something that we often write about as well. It’s a major question that we ask because it is so vital(monorriel tan vital). A lot of people do not really know what they’re looking for. They haven’t really done the homework. So we try to help them get to the right answer when that will be because of the greatest benefit to their company. When they will have them spending the right amount of money and getting a lot for money that they spend.

The Overhead Crane Mantenimiento
The Overhead Crane Mantenimiento

Understanding where your business is going it’s also very important(birriel importante). It is possible to buy a quality machine one that still won’t be ready for what your business will become in the future. We believe in helping companies choose good models lasted for decades to come and as the company grows. Not all models are meant for heavy duty work but if you are a company does heavy duty work or implants on doing so, and talk to us about future proofing your purchase. Making sure that that value is locked then you have something you can use for decades to come that will help your business grow.

You can probably see when it comes to bridge crane are pretty serious about it. We know that we have the inventory that you’re looking for but beyond having the right inventory it’s all about making sure that you get the perfect one that fits what you do and what you will become. It is also about making sure that you get the right piece of equipment for your budget. We are able to do all of the things very high levels. We know that we’ll be able to help you find a bridge crane model that is perfect for you and the type of work that you do.

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How A Quality Industrial Overhead Crane Ensures Safe And Reliable Material Handling

Are you going to install an overhead crane, perhaps one that will be at your work site which could be a dock or a warehouse facility? By doing so, you are actually improving your ability to improve your productivity, but also the safety of your workers. When they are not required to use equipment on the ground to lift heavier more dangerous items, something that the overhead industrial crane can do for them, they will be taken out of that possible area for getting hurt. As long as the overhead crane is properly installed, it will be able to easily move large objects such as crates or containers that have merchandise without the need of manual labor.

How A Quality Overhead Crane Helps Improve Safety

The type of overhead Crane that you get can contribute to how easy or difficult it is to move merchandise from one location to the next. That is why, if you are moving heavier items, a double girder overhead Crane is going to provide not only more leverage, but a lesser probability of running into problems with the entire system. As long as it is installed correctly, and you are lifting far less than the maximum of what the crane is capable of handling safely, there will seldom be any safety issues at all. It’s important to purchase a crane, and have it installed, by a company that makes these on a regular basis. This will ensure that your purchase will need more productivity and higher levels of safety at your facility. For quality industrial overhead crane, you can just visit this

Quality industrial overhead crane
Industrial Overhead Crane

Where Can You Get Quality Overhead Cranes

You can get quality overhead cranes from businesses that specialize in all things related to the construction and marketing of cranes today. You will have to do a little bit of research but you will eventually find one company that stands apart from all of the others in terms of variety and the quality of the products that they produce. Many people would imagine that it would be easier to purchase one that is perhaps domestically located, or even save money, especially if getting something that is used. Instead, you should consider working with a business that will ship everything to you brand-new, a company that creates thousands of pieces of equipment every year, and that has a reputation for excellence.

The overhead Crane that you decide to purchase should be rated for the weight of the objects that you are typically going to lift. A Crane company that is able to install a multitude of different overhead cranes such as those with double girders, monorail overhead cranes, or single and double girder cranes, is a company that will likely know exactly what type of product you will need to purchase. You can benefit from their experience, and the fact that the products that they manufacture are designed to last because the business has been around for quite some time. It will likely have testimonials attesting to how reliable their products are, as well as how affordable they can be, even with special orders. Once you are done with your research, if you do need to have a new industrial overhead Crane installed, this will be your first step toward improving safety levels, and the reliability of handling all of the material that you work with, by simply working with one of the best companies. Ellsen supplies all kinds of cranes according to different needs and you will find the suitable one for your needs by clicking here

Portable Overhead Crane For Flexibility

The portable overhead crane is one of the best that you are going to get. It is a powerful crane and one that is being used around the world by companies who look to lift numerous items around the warehouse. Use this overhead crane and you will not use another one ever again.

Why is this crane so friendly and flexible?

There are reasons for this and here are a few that you will be able to point out when others ask you about it. The flexibility is uncanny.

portable overhead crane 1

Move It Around

It is portable, and that is the feature you are getting it for. If that is the feature you want, you will know that it is going to move around. You will be able to take it to a larger space and not have to worry about bringing things to it. Single girder overhead crane and double girder crane (puente grua de dos vigas de carga) can not move so flexibly.

There are individual cranes that have to be installed in, place and those have a purpose as well. However, you will not want something like that if you are on the move. You will want a portable option that adjusts to you, and this portable overhead crane would be in that category.

Take it to where you want.

Powerful Lifting

The lifting that can be done with this is incredible. In fact, these cranes are known for being able to lift heavy amount with ease. You can load them up and get the hoist in place as the crane goes to work. It will not hesitate to get to work for you. The loading capacity of this crane is usually 1 ton, 2 ton (2 Toneladas), 3 ton or 5 ton.

This is why powerful lifting is one of the main features this crane can give you.

Some think because it is portable, they will not be able to get this in line with what they are lifting, and that is not true. You will be lifting things like it is nothing when you use this crane. Just click to find a good portable crane.

portable overhead crane 3


Good For Uneven Surfaces

Say you are working in a location that is uneven, you are going to need to be smart about how you are using the crane. You will want to keep things under control instead of letting it fall after the lifting has started. There are examples of this where it happens, and the damage can be excessive.

You want to be out in front of this damage and not let it get to you. Those who want to use this crane will realize that it is tremendous for uneven surfaces.

There is no doubting; this is one of those fantastic options that will jive with what you are doing. It is the complete crane you are going for and will work like a charm. You will be able to utilize it to a point where it is going to work out in the long-term.

You will begin to understand that flexibility is the biggest thing you are going to need. When you can use a crane that is flexible, you can work around the barriers that will inevitably come up in front of you.

The Different Types Of Electric Overhead Cranes (EOCs)

Electric overhead crane, also known as EOC has acquired a reputation for being the centerpiece of efficiency in matters of running factories and warehouses. The movement of large items is  very challenging, because items  are usually heavy and  bulky . The energy is needed to move such items around a factory. There are also the safety issues involved in moving large items.


A solution to this is using a reliable overhead crane that hoists item up and moves them to different parts of the building overhead. One of the most effective overhead cranes is the electric version. The electric overhead cranes are some of the most popular cranes due to their power, ease of maintenance and ease of running.


The single girder overhead  crane ? The crane consists of a single girder, the part that supports the hoist. The bridge girder is in turn supported by two end trucks on the sides. The girder also features a trolley mechanism which enables it to move the length of the end trucks. Typically, such cranes have a span of between 20 and 50 feet. The lift height is typically 15 to 50 feet. The load capacity can be anything from 1 ton to 15 tons. They are the best option when the crane is infrequently used.


Double girder overhead crane ? This type of crane is similar in form as the single girder. However, one main distinction is that this version of the EOCs consists of two bridge girders. The majority of this types of crane have the girder placed on top of the end trucks, with very few being placed on the flange. Such EOCs have an increased weight hoisting capacity to the tune of around 9 to 10 times as they can handle up to 100 tons of load. They are the best option for intermittently to frequently used cranes where the loads have a high weight. Due to the weight capacity, they are also good to use in cranes that require the installation of a magnetic mechanism.


Gantry Cranes ? These cranes are quite different from the above two, in form and structure. For one, the bridge girder is permanently fixed to the supporting structure, usually two or four legs. The legs run on a rail or other runway systems that are installed on the floor. This negates the need to have a runway that is installed above.

Monorail overhead crane? This type EOC is similar to the single girder EOCs with the difference being that the hoist mechanism on the bridge does not move.


There are two different configurations for EOCs, which are:

The top running overhead crane ? They have the bridge laid and supported on top of the end truck girder. Top running cranes are most common for cranes that require a high load capacity.


The under hung bridge crane ? In contrast to the top running cranes, the under running cranes are supported by the bottom flanges of the end truck girder. The weight load capacity of hunderhung cranes is usually a maximum of 15 tons. They, however, offer better use of the bridge girder width and runway girder length, offering maximum use of the building space. Ellsen Company, a famous crane supplier, provides above types of cranes. For more information, you can visit